Video is Really Going to Rock it in 2018

Since most of us don’t claim to be psychic (with the emphasis on ‘most’ of us!), predicting the hottest mobile trends for 2018 is a matter of simple, good old-fashioned research. These days, research is most likely to mean a super-fast, very broad Google search conducted in mere minutes or even seconds. So, from a quick trawl around Google, it seems very clear that 2018 in mobile terms is going to be dominated by location and video.

Yes, there is a lot of noise in other markets around programmatic marketing, machine learning and so on, but here in South Africa it’s really going to be about video and location – and video in particular. And not only video, but livestream video. All this really indicates is that humans are fascinated by visuals. And at this current stage in our development, video is the most complete and close-to-life artificial visual experience that we have.

To illustrate the growth in video, apparently by 2019, video will account for almost 80% of the globe’s mobile data traffic. With data prices plummeting in South Africa, there’s every expectation that the next two years for mobile video will be very interesting indeed. For mobile marketers, the news that Facebook says users spend three times more time watching live action content than non-live videos is full of promise.

In the US, the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade offered a 360 degree view of the event via a mobile app. South Africa’s agreeable climate means we host large-scale, public events by the bucketful every year and we’re certain that marketers will jump on the livestream bandwagon in a big way this coming year.

The rise of mobile video in South Africa has become especially pronounced over the last year. Video is catching on everywhere, from the video-on-demand sector where we’ve seen the recent launch of Vodacoms, videoplay initiative, to Cell C’s Black branded video service,  to PrideTV, to ad campaigns by the country;s biggest brands that encourage consumers to compose short form videos. We’re looking forward to a full colour, live and direct, mobile video 2018!

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