Video content enables mobile snacking

Today’s blog post takes us back several years when we first heard about ‘snacking’ and the phrase ‘content is king’ in reference to mobile. As we mentioned in a previous blog post, China, like America before it, now offers us a good view of how the future might look. There, that country’s over 700 million mobile users daily engage in mobile snacking where they consume vast quantities of 15-second video clips that have become hugely-popular in the world’s fastest-growing economy. Fast is now the name of game when it comes to the consumption of mobile video content – forget one minute or even 45-second video clips – much too long! The Chinese mobile user today wants 15-second or even less clips, and lots and lots of them. This brings us to content. When clips are being consumed at the rate of hundreds of millions every singe day, it’s clear that there are tremendous opportunities for the mobile marketer and many other players within the mobile ecosystem. It’s getting exciting out there. This is especially because video drives a higher-quality mobile user. Remember ARPU (average revenue per user?). Video enables mobile marketers to squeeze greater value from higher-value mobile users. Video also allows us to get our hands on better numbers. Metrics like a user clicking on the ad, session length and repeat play can be captured and evaluated for engagement. Repeat play, in particular, is a valuable indicator of whether or not a video clip resonates with the intended target audience. While it’s important to capture the attention of one’s audience with beautiful, well-designed videos, we need to be mindful of the lack of standardisation in the industry with regards to playable video clips. Today, there is no one-size-fits-all template, standard or approach that mobile marketers can use – but it’s coming!

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