Marketers have gotten used to collaborating with all sorts over the years. First, the ad ‘men’ were asked to work with the PR ‘guy’ and now mobile marketers are being asked by clients to secure collaborations with so-called ‘Influencers’… The rise of the social media influencer has been one of the biggest advertising and marketing stories in recent years. It has given huge numbers of people who excel on social media an opportunity for a decent income that is increasingly becoming their only income. However, showcasing products and services for money or freebies is not without its charlatans. Mobile marketers need to safeguard their budgets and protect client reputations when they engage with Influencers, or otherwise. Here are the first three questions every mobile marketer needs to ask of a potential social media partner: Content is king and numbers matter – In the world of mobile, content is king and in the realm of the Influencer, Follower count is really all we want to see. The mobile marketing must decide what numbers matter in their clients’ industries, but really, don’t send us emails angling for freebies with three, four or even five-figure Follower counts. Six figures is where it’s at. Also, take a good scroll through those Followers – we don’t want to be seeing plenty oddball accounts with lots of retweets and no actual bespoke posts. Pay attention to the details – With the awesome degree of measurability that social offers today, it’s easy to get blindsided by a flashy Influencer presentation that would make an old-style pie graph look like it was carved with a chisel. Ask your brand’s would-be Influencer to pack away the iPad and show you, in real-time, their Analytics page. Most social platforms have them now. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all boast super simply numbers pages that will enable the mobile marketer to see in a flash if a particular Influencer is worth the trouble. Look for the ‘engagement’ and ‘impressions’ tabs. Spread it out – Ensure potential Influencer partners understand that you want to see regular engagement over the whole month. If they have tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of Followers, ask them if they have the capacity to regularly punt your client’s product over the whole month, not just during the start of the relationship, and near invoicing time! ENDS

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