We’re set for a stellar year in South African mobile marketing. Not only is the upcoming ICASA market enquiry into mobile data set to shake things up, but increasing fibre rollout across the country means more of the WiFi that many mobile devices run on in so many homes and businesses. Also, mobile network speeds are increasing and the recent launch of data-focused Rain also signals that positive change is in the African mobile air. So what are the mobile must-haves that both executives and entrepreneurs interested in the potential of mobile simply must have in their businesses for an effective mobile marketing strategy? We’ve read a lot about mobile innovation in these pages but, for now, let’s focus on a few solid basics. First up, you’ve got to make sure your web presence reflects the fact that the lion’s share of browsing and searching now takes place on mobile devices. This means ensuring content displays well not only on different screens, and across different operating systems, but also in landscape and portrait modes. Secondly, it’s time for that dedicated mobile marketing manager within the business. Even if your firm, or your client, doesn’t quite have the resources for a top-flight mobile marketing executive, you should still try and invest in a mid-level manager to drive the mobile plan forwards internally. Thirdly, explore potential partnerships with external mobile marketing talent in the form of specialist agencies that can work with your new internal mobile hire. A great advantage of finding the right mobile consulting partner is that one can save on internal salaries by hiring the mid-level person referred to above, over a C-level appointment. Finally, as we’ve said before, put your mobile marketing plan for the year down on paper and commit to some real, specific and measurable goals. Included in these goals should be specific commitments to plans involving proven bearers like SMS and Please Call Me.

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