The TV is just background noise in 2019, mobile’s where we want to be

It’s 2019 and mobile’s still the one to watch. More than 20 years after the launch of the game-changing, digital Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) in South Africa mobile technology continues to change the way we live, work and interact. Forget any other type of product or service research by consumers. Mobile has become the go-to channel for tech-savvy consumers to search, explore, discover and research so many different brand offerings. Most consumers today spend more time on their mobile devices than they do actively watching TV. The television screen is secondary to the small screen and the former is now just background noise. Mobile has totally disrupted the local and overseas marketing landscape. This year, we are continuing to see the emergence of mobile marketing developments that need watching. Without keeping one’s eye on the mobile horizon, it’s impossible for brands to successfully adapt and stay ahead of the game. So, what are the top three mobile-related trends that South African chief marketing officers (CMOs) need to keep a beady eye on in 2019? With smart voice assistants like Siri continued to be on the rise, voice-based web searches are on the up and up too. As voice search capabilities become more sophisticated and predictive, brands must reach their target audiences with personalised and relevant content. According to, the rollout of 5G will boost network speed, making it extremely important for marketers to acknowledge this development. The super-fast 5G network will present even more capabilities than 4G such as hyper-personalised content and rapid download speeds. In South Africa, we’re seeing the emergence of new, super-fast mobile networks like Rain. All of this should see the further rise of the phenomenon of ‘snacking’, especially when it comes to video content. China offers a glimpse of the future. There, the country’s over 700m mobile consumers regularly consume highly-popular 15-second video clips. Locally, we can expect huge and growing demand for the content that is going to increasingly-power African mobile video uptake. Our next CMO-relevant trend is to do with Augmented Reality (AR). Innovative marketing is all about creating relevant, unforgettable customer experiences. AR gives brands the opportunity to do just that by delivering a consumer experience that’s unique, exciting and unforgettable. AR can be used to bring products and services to life in environments that are familiar to consumers. With more than half of all Internet traffic worldwide being generated by mobile phones, the up-to-date CMO definitely wants to keep a handle on the above key mobile trends.

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