The Bells & Whistles Are Changing, the Basics Aren’t

Mobile marketing is evolving as much as any marketing discipline. Change is the only constant in the advertising and marketing community and that’s certainly true when the type of marketing we’re talking about is part and parcel of the hottest, most awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping technology that’s ever hit planet Earth. After a good couple of years preparing these pages, all of the superlatives above make me think of how much the advice that us mobile marketing types dish out has changed. Of course, the basic truths are still there but mobile marketing really is moving at such a breathtaking pace. The question, then, must be asked, do the old rules still apply and what are currently emerging as the new foundations? As mobile marketers, we used to spend a lot of time writing and speaking about the need for our clients to properly segment mobile users so that a ‘spray and pray’ approach is not employed and we usually meant with regards to what now seem such simplistic, text-based campaigns. Yes, this advice is still relevant, even though this segmentation is now largely automated. Machine learning, algorithms and artificial intelligence have now all made their presence felt over the past few years. Geofencing has also popped up in mobile and it means, again, that segmentation has mostly become automated. Parameters can be set and the technology – again – does it all for the mobile marketer. We used to speak about the need to get into video. Video’s going to be big, we evangelized, without really thinking that we’ll ever see something like workable, shoppable video anytime soon. And here we are, in 2019, and mobile users can actually click on videos and purchase what they see displayed before them. To, that still seems like science fiction. The opportunities in mobile really have become limitless. With all of the above happening it is sometimes easy to forget that it’s still a good idea for the small business-owner to collect cellular numbers. Personal attention from the owner of the SME business down the road will never go out of fashion.

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