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Unlocking Mobile Marketing Opportunities Depends on the Right Advice

Mobile marketing unlocks powerful opportunities for marketers on a scale that’s never been seen before. Two key statistics prove just how serious brands should be about the mobile medium. The first is that mobile phone penetration in South Africa is about to move up to the 140% mark by the end of 2016. Think of this as 1.4 interactive and personalised advertising mediums for every person in this country. That’s incredible.

The second statistic speaks to the potential impact your mobile marketing campaign can have: Adweek says 79% of 18 to 44 year old mobile phone users have them within easy reach 22 hours out of every day. Four out of five smartphone users check their phones within the first 15 minutes of waking up. Over 80% of those say it’s the first thing they do in the morning. In a South Africa with high levels of mobile phone penetration, and relatively low levels of PC and laptop use, I’d guess the applicable stats are even higher here.

With every opportunity, there’s a potential challenge. And the challenge with reaping the benefits of effective mobile marketing campaigns is that brands have to do the proper legwork to ensure they’re partnering with the right mobile marketing experts. Marketing consultants are a dime a dozen. Mobile marketing consultants, on the other hand, are specialists and a little harder to find. That’s the first lesson of mobile marketing – ensure you contract with a specialist trusted mobile marketing advisor like Imaginatrix. You wouldn’t see a GP when a Cardiologist was needed. Why change the rules when dealing with your valuable brand?

To effectively design and implement your mobile campaign, your mobile marketing consultant should answer YES to all the questions below:

  1. Do they have established relationships with all South African mobile network operators and important industry players like WASPA and the Mobile Marketing Association?
  1. Can they place your brand on a wide variety of high quality mobile marketing platforms thanks to their good relationships with media owners?
  1. Do they have a track record of successfully launching ground-breaking industry firsts?
  1. Are they well-known in the industry and regularly invited to address their peers within acknowledged industry forums such as conferences and exhibitions?

Imaginatrix stands ready to help brands convert mobile marketing opportunity into ROI rands and cents.


More AD spending more video in Mobile Marketing 2016

Tomorrow is the first day of the last month of 2015. Now let me tell something else you already knew: mobile adoption is huge and the consumer’s purchasing of goods and services via mobile continues to rocket skywards. As we move towards another year it might be a good idea to take stock of where we are with regards to mobile marketing by checking out some facts and stats predicted for 2016.

Globally, a significant c milestone will be achieved. According to new figures from eMarketer, cellular consumers worldwide will be exposed to some USD100 billion in digital ads served via their mobile devices. This is an incredible 430% increase compared to 2013. Africa’s mobile marketing sector will be amongst the top performers in percentageterms – so remember InTarget is one of the few South African mobile marketing firms with a credible and extensive footprint in Africa.

It’s always tricky translating overseas data into meaningful local stats, but in 2016 it’s been suggested that over 60% of web traffic will come from mobile devices as opposed to desktops. I’d like to suggest that measure is probably closer to 80% in South Africa owing to the nature of our economy.

Finally, video is set to expand again next year. The fact that – again, globally – YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google means that the mobile marketer who is already starting to incorporate more video into their campaigns is ahead of the curve in SA. It’s been said that, on average, people watch two online videos per day. If one considers that the impact a 60 second video makes is equivalent to literally tens of thousands of words, you have a great argument for more video in mobile marketing.