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Mobile Ties All Together

It’s inevitable. The young whippersnapper comes out from behind and is very soon running the show. That’s a lesson many a complacent leader has discovered to their cost. Today, one might see parallels when it comes to the world of marketing and the growing importance of mobile marketing. The difference, of course, is that traditional marketing is certainly not being replaced by its mobile cousin. A necessary realignment is taking place. From being a practically unknown discipline in South Africa a decade ago, certain key and unique attributes of mobile marketing mean it is now set to become the golden thread that ties the traditional marketing mix and all the other consumer touch points of a brand together. This overarching role of mobile marketing is made possible because this relatively new technology and medium offers benefits that traditional media like outdoor and print can’t match. Mobile marketing offers a degree of measurability that is unmatched. This means mobile marketing campaigns can be tweaked in real time to deliver the best possible return on marketing spend. Mobile campaigns can also deliver highly personalised information that resonates with individual consumers. Special offers, for example, can be time sensitive and location specific. All of this means a real relationship can be built with consumers depending on where they are, when they are and what device they are currently using. Finally, the best reason why mobile should be at the forefront of the marketing effort is because mobile elements can, in fact, be integrated into the traditional marketing mix. Billboards can display SMS short codes. Print adverts can feature USSD strings. TV ads can direct the viewer to a dotMobi campaign address. It make sense then for that common element to take centre stage and tie it all together in one coherent strategy.