Spring is the Season for Mobile Shopping

Once again, we find ourselves on the cusp of Spring! While we won’t be singing about this wondrous annual season of rebirth, it’s tempting not to wax lyrical about it. However, praising the upcoming time of flowers, birds and bees is all in keeping with the topic of today’s blog. Today, we discuss those mobile developments that are going to take on new importance as we navigate through Spring and towards the end of another 12 months. The arrival of Spring signals that mobile markers have a final quarter to implement what hasn’t already made its way to the ticked-off section of that ‘To Do’ list we all seem to have, somewhere. As mobile marketers, we need to appreciate that while many of our client brands are increasingly launching their own bespoke mobile apps in order to jump firmly on the personalisation bandwagon, a lot of consumers still prefer navigating to websites. Be mindful that it just doesn’t make sense for some categories of businesses to have their own apps, especially those firms engaged in once-off or irregular interactions with consumers. Who is going to download an app that only needs to be opened every few months or less? This coming quarter, be aware that those in the know have been noticing for some time now that consumer search practices vary as customers move from desktop to mobile devices throughout the day. It’s essential to understand this if brands are going to engage in hyper-local personalisation and search optimisation, another growing mobile trend. Food for thought is that a recent Google survey found that 28 percent of mobile searches undertaken on a handheld device resulted in an actual purchase from a store nearby. Finally, another emerging trend is for mobile marketers to beef up their security – and to make reassuring noises about it. Many consumers are reluctant to trying something innovative and new simply because of perceived security risks. Another recent survey, this time from PwC, found that two-thirds of customers are still reluctant to shop on their mobile phones. Mobile apps are not much different, with 61 percent of shoppers choosing to stay away from mobile apps due to security concerns. If there’s something mobile marketers need to work on this Spring, it’s reassuring our current and potential customers that mobile is safe!

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