The topic of today’s blog is innovation. Simply put, innovation in mobile is going to be the biggest contribution to human development over the next fifty years. Big words, but how could it be any different is one considers that mobile is the most used of all digital devices, perhaps of all devices? Over 75% of time spent online is time spent on mobile – whether tablets, handsets, phablets, you name it. While the early adopter brands cottoned on to mobile years ago, we still have some key national and global brands only now recognising that mobile is the key to digital success. Mobile is changing the way consumers and brands interact and innovation is driving this sea change. Some may be asking whether innovation in mobile has reached its limits, after all, one can only do so much with the small screen. That’s crazy talk! It reminds me of that well-known quote we’ve all seen from the chief of the US patent office in the 19th century who infamously stated that everything has already been invented! If agencies, their clients and brands can come to a better understanding of how consumers are using their mobile devices then it will soon become clear that there are still so many gaps to be plugged – with innovation. My impression is that innovation in mobile advertising needs to catch up with innovation in mobile devices. In 2019, we need clever mobile marketers to come up with more ways to use this amazing mobile technology that has dropped down on the marketing world over the past two decades like manna from heaven. As we ask ourselves what the key trends are that will drive innovation in mobile near year, we need to distinguish between flimsy buzzwords and real, habit-changing innovations that will transform our lives. Spotting the next big one is what we all are trying to do, but it’s easier said than done. From AI, to IoT, wearables, bots and blockchain, you decide what’ll be here to stay next year in mobile.

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