Segment, don’t batch-blast Push Notifications

To kick off our current installment of our blog, we’d like to firstly remind readers that it’s the 10th anniversary edition of Mobile Marketing Magazine’s ‘Effective Mobile Marketing Awards’ and African brands, agencies and others are free to enter. In fact, last year, there were more than 160 entries from some 20 countries worldwide. Check out for more information on one of the globe’s most inclusive (and longest-running) awards that celebrate the very best of our discipline. Awards like these are good news for the industry both in Africa and abroad as they can be incredibly motivating, especially for young mobile marketers seeking recognition and reinforcement. Next, let’s focus some attention now on an especially interesting stat from eMarketer that says mobile is going to account for one-third of global ad spend this year. What’s very interesting is that most of this spend is going to apps. Creating a winning mobile app marketing strategy in 2019 is not as complicated as many of us think. Firstly, retention is king when it comes to mobile app marketing. User acquisition is still very important but targeted mobile campaigns that ensure they attract the right users to your app will see better retention in the long run – and retention means user engagement, the holy grail of mobile marketing. Mobile app marketers need to invest in building personalised push notifications for their apps. This is certainly worth the effort as engagement rates fly with proactive push notifications. Here we must remember that their are broadcast and segmented app push campaigns. Our message today is do not simply rely on broadcast push notifications that are sent out by the app to a whole massive, unsegmented user base. Personalisation is key in mobile, and segmented app pushes are the way to go. User open rates for segmented pushes near the 9% mark! Finally, app abandonment remains a challenge and this is possibly due to mobile marketers’ past strategies of ‘batch blasting’ and not segmenting enough when it came to their push notifications. Apparently, 21% of mobile users will abandon an app after only one use. So, the message is clear, segment and don’t ruin it for the rest!

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