Mobile straddles the line between e-commerce and entertainment

In a previous blog post earlier this year, we learnt just how massive mobile video is becoming. We’ve evangelised video many times before, pointing to this ever-increasing trend with such illuminating factoids as the fact that Millenials now watch much more YouTube videos on their mobile devices compared to traditional live television. China, like America before it, offers us a good view of how the future might look. There, that country’s over 700 million mobile users daily engage in mobile video snacking where they consume vast quantities of 15-second video clips that have become hugely-popular in the world’s fastest-growing economy. While all of this growth in mobile video is encouraging, mobile marketers are no doubt tempted to haul out that age old line made popular in countless old-school movies: “show me the money”. Well, now mobile marketers can indeed show their agency partners and brand clients alike the money as mobile video is becoming increasingly shoppable. What do we mean by this? Well, Forbes and others have been reporting for some time that overseas companies like Smartzer have developed technology that essentially monetizes mobile video. In another huge leap forward for mobile, smartphone users are able to click on products displayed in mobile videos and be instantly transported to an area where they can easily purchase said goods. This really is futuristic stuff except its available right now! Over the remainder of 2019, there’ll no doubt be plenty opportunities relating to the monetisation of mobile video that local brands will be able to start taking advantage of as mobile marketers continue to explore ways to (convincingly) straddle the line between e-commerce and entertainment.

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