Next week we will be entering the official halfway month of yet another year. June is a scary month. It represents that time of year where we should have achieved quite a number of those personal and business goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year. It does also, however, offer a glimmer of hope in that the coming of June means we still have six months to achieve the lion’s share of our earlier goals. Plus we can set some new ones to reflect changed circumstances. When we speak about changed circumstances in mobile marketing, we could easily be speaking of GDPR, that European privacy regulation that threatened to change the way mobile marketers, our clients, employers and others do business. Similar in some respects to SA’s own POPI, GDPR seems to have little impact around the world. To illustrate, mobile markers worldwide cleaned up their databases and implemented all sorts of opt-in measures and the results – a year later – has been an almost 17 percent INCREASE in app permissions granted by mobile users. A worldwide study of mobile app permissions granted by about 700 million people around the globe found that there are now about 36 permissions granted per user per month. Opt-in rates, on average, are also still as high as 67 percent. So this says to us as mobile marketers that the consumer’s love affair with mobile continues and while it is good to tighten up privacy rules, regulations seem to do little on the ground. Recent research has also shown that consumers are becoming more selective about sharing their data. The average opt-in rate for the use of location-specific data fell from 9.3 per cent to 7.7 per cent. In conclusion, it seems that while consumers are becoming more selective about the channels they opt-into and the data they share; push notifications continue to prove their value by providing customers valuable information at the precise time and place they need it.

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