Mobile Marketing in a Recession Needn’t be a Downer

Eskom’s recent woes came as a bolt out of the blue to those of us who thought load-shedding was an unpleasant memory of our recent past best forgotten. Well, it reared its ugly head with a vengeance about two weeks ago and came back with renewed vigour. Thankfully, mobile devices like tablets, laptops and cellphones with their fairly long battery lives have proven to be especially useful during this latest round of loadshedding that caught many of us unawares. It’s almost as if anyone with a car charger and a fairly decent mobile device can continue to function adequately during these Eskom-related debacles. The pundits are saying now that loadshedding is about to tip us all into that recession South Africa has been trying to avoid for the past year or two. This brings me to the question, does mobile marketing have a role in a recession, and if so, what is it? The quick answer is that mobile most definitely has a leading role to play in recessions and that’s because it offers outstanding value for money. In a cost-conscious climate where everyone is scrambling around counting pennies, the mobile marketer can be something of a lifesaver to brands needing to stay top of mind, but perhaps not having as many resources as in the past to do this. Not only can mobile offer clients, brands and other partners tremendous value for money using proven bearers like SMS and Please Call Me text tag ads, but recessions also usually mean brands want more accountability and no marketing discpline is more accountable and offers better measurability than mobile. The current economic downturn is a golden opportunity for mobile marketers to get out there and evengelize what we do. This is not the climate for grand scale expensive traditional media marketing vanity projects – this is the time for doing what works, at a reasonable cost and being able to report back to the client in detail what bang they got for their under-pressure buck. Good luck!

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