This time of year is traditionally filled with news stories about what resolutions we should be making for the new year. It’s the time when we all expect to read about giving up old vices and starting on new exercise regimes.

What I didn’t expect this week, however, was to see a mobile marketing-related headline that really spoke to me. It caught my eye because it was something different. It was about bringing “more meaning” to your mobile marketing over the year. Actually, I realised soon enough it was about the 2017 mobile marketing year, but no matter, let’s explore how one brings meaning to what we do as mobile marketers…

Sometimes we forget that what we do is actually quite meaningful. According to Anthony Laredo, writing in, “Mobile technology is changing the way people communicate and consume media.” By changing the way people communicate, we really are having life-changing effects on people. I like to think that by enabling purchasing over mobile devices, we are helping to provide the average consumer with more time to do the things that really matter. Less time spent traveling to, and in, bricks and mortar shops means more time with family, more time engaged in the leisure pursuits that bring us pleasure in our short lives.

So, the short answer is we bring more meaning as mobile marketers by getting better at what we do. This enables mobile-based research and purchasing to be done by the consumer faster and more affordably. And we can get better at what we do by experimenting with ways to connect to consumers meaningfully in this fast-paced, ever-evolving era. Let’s start with 2018 and see how it goes!

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