Mobile Engagement with Video is Down

As consumers increasingly get to grips with digital technologies, we’ve come to expect that engagements rates will always – happily – head North. Unfortunately for the digital marketer, this is not always so in today’s challenging global macroeconomic environment where it seems nothing can be taken for granted. This stark reality has again rung true following independent marketing firm Acoustic releasing its 2019 Marketing Benchmark Report that details the latest trends in email and mobile marketing. The study shows that the mobile consumer’s engagement with email campaigns is sharply down and attributes this to the impact of new world privacy laws. This again demonstrates how quickly the marketing landscape can change due to factors beyond our control. Mobile marketers always need to be on the lookout for new ways to drive loyalty and engagement rates simply because the old ways could be denied to us at any time, as we have found with new privacy laws. The good news is that while the mobile consumer’s engagement with email may be down, there’s a new technology that’s emerged on the mobile horizon and engagement rates there are on the up and up. We’ve been waxing lyrical on this blog for some time about the opportunities inherent in mobile video. Many readers would know that more Millennials spend more time watching YouTube and other videos on their mobile devices than they do watching traditional television. Mobile marketers have not only spotted this trend, they’ve launched shoppable video enabling a much deeper form of engagement with video than ever before. Now, forget email, mobile users are able to view video and actually purchase the products and services seen on their screens. With a few simple clicks, mobile users are knocking traditional marketing and advertising straight out of the ballpark. Never before has the marketing world seen such innovative merging of two digital platforms and the great news is, we’ve only just begun!

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