While developing world stats are hard to come by, it’s been estimated that the average adult in developed countries spends some 3,5 hours a day on mobile. That sounds like an awful of screen time but I’m sure mobile marketers here would agree that African adults spend even more time interacting with their mobile devices. This is by simple virtue of the fact that our cells are often our sole digital devices. We don’t do desktops (much) on this continent! So it’s little wonder that brands are ramping up their smartphone spend. Already, over 70 percent of digital spend is spent on mobile. Things are likely to get even more interesting in 2019 as more marketers make the switch to mobile or motivate for even greater mobile marketing budgets. Here are a few points around what we can expect over the coming year: More Apps. Yup. With over 2 million apps already stocked in the Android and Apple app stores there’s simply no way app diversification is going to let up in 2019. I don’t believe we’ll see anything launched of the magnitude and creativity of an Uber, for instance, but app diversification is the mobile equivalent of traditional media fragmentation. So, mobile marketers, keep your eyes on what’s being launched, what the target is and likely audience numbers and be prepared for those campaign spreadsheets to look even more complicated. Mobile ad fraud is on the rise with reports saying that this bane of the mobile marketer doubled over 2018. I believe that this means supply chain transparency will become hugely important over the coming year with many initiatives by publishers, platform owners and other stakeholders aimed at reestablishing confidence. In particular, anti-fraud metrics for mobile will become increasingly common across the industry. In 2019, brands will also focus more on a total mobile experience that’s going to become ever more interactive. Brands are already experiencing with interactive mobile experiences – Ikea, for example, introduced and augmented reality app that allows users to virtually place furniture in their own homes to see how it looks. Wow. And more wows to come – next year!

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