It looked like the week for mobile marketing was starting off on a bit of a sour note a few days ago with news that millions of mobile Instagram users and others had their details hacked, but then out came the excellent news that malicious and disruptive mobile ads have decreased globally year-on-year. Awesome. In more detail, advertising security company Confiant says in about 1 out of 100 cases, mobile user sessions might be adversely impacted by a disruptive and unwelcome advert. The firm studied the most common issues for publishers and their platforms before concluding that malicious ads are more common during weekends and holidays. Apparently, the worst performing platforms are about 67 times more likely to deliver a nasty ad which to us says advertisers need to put the proper research and planning into the platforms and publishers with which they do business. Do not be tempted to contract with the unknown and unproven. So what do mobile users find amongst the most disruptive ads? One of the worst categories of offender is the malicious ad that players within a banner. With smartphone users getting used to super-high resolutions and generally great quality mobile campaign executions, even low-quality ads are now perceived as malicious and disruptive to the general mobile experience. Thankfully, malware and other ad quality issues are not intractable problems for the overall mobile industry, both locally and abroad. With the right systems in place and commitment from the industry, we can all tackle these issues.

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