A recent article in Mobile Marketing Magazine had me sitting up and taking notice. It’s not that I don’t usually sit up and take notice when reading the stories of the day in the trade press, but there’s often a lot of the same, isn’t there? So what I liked about this one was a suggestion I hadn’t heard before. Many of us know that many brands both in South Africa and globally spend a lot of money on flagship festive season TV ads. It’s like when the Americans blow their own ad budgets producing those stunning annual Super Bowl TV commercials that are so clearly designed to go viral as well. So the point of the Mobile Marketing Magazine article was related to the above. Looking at some of the amazing Festive Season TV ads that typically come out this time of year, there is clearly a gap for mobile marketers to likewise go for the gold standard when producing digital commercial content over the December holiday season. Why shouldn’t aficionados of the small(er) screen also look forward to some mind-blowing commercial Christmas content designed for their medium of choice? Clearly, some TV ads are designed for going viral across millions of mobile devices, but so many are not. We can see this simply by looking at how the ads are produced. Too many TV characters almost unseen on the small screen, too much dialogue, subtitles that are near invisible and commercials made for HD and similar when, quite frankly, that’s not how tens of millions of us on this continent are seeing these ads. Come on, TV guys. Design for Likes, not Louries or Lions. There is such a tremendous opportunity for mobile to bridge the gap between digital and television. Mobile marketers, far from being consigned to the industry fringes, can emerge as the kingmakers. We can be that vital link between the mediums. Don’t forget, too, that some ads deemed not suitable for broadcast for the flimsiest reasons, can go straight to mobile. Essentially, we’ve created our own medium. Possibly because the mobile device is such a personal platform, digital mobile campaigns also offer the opportunity for unique, in-depth experiences that can match and even exceed those offered by traditional channels. Let’s put this into practice this December!

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