‘Tis the season to be merry – ‘tis also the season for planning, strategies, budgets and, of course, New Year’s Resolutions! Like anyone else, mobile marketers have resolutions for the year ahead. The 2018 year of mobile, has for all intents and purposes, come any gone. So it’s all systems go for mobile marketing year 2019. Let’s resolve to get more mobile marketing right this coming year. Let’s first and foremost resolve to stop putting out fires and to plan more. With 52% of worldwide online traffic occurring on mobile devices, there is plenty at stake. New research points to the fact that 89% of consumers will recommend a brand after a positive engagement with it on mobile. Just thinking of these last two stats alone, it’s clear that it’s time to radically resolve to shift up a gear or two when it comes to interacting with mobile consumers over the course of 2019. For the mobile marketer, let’s resolve to listen more to mobile consumers and to make their mobile and bricks and mortar shopping experiences much more convenient. Mobile marketers daily leverage countless data points to reach consumers. When one is dealing with a plethora of facts and stats, it can be easy to lose sight of the individual consumer at the other end of the spreadsheet as we attempt to monetize their actions. Add the fact that ad blockers are back with 30% of consumers reportedly using them and mobile marketers need to really make an effort to listen to, and appreciate, individual mobile consumers in 2019. A second key resolution for mobile marketers in 2019 is to strive for consumer convenience. This simply speaks to the ongoing need to target the right mobile consumer with the right mobile offers. Make a renewed attempt to always keep it relevant in 2019. In doing so, app uninstalls and other key mobile metrics will be kept to their very minimum.

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