Key to App Success is App Marketing

We’ve all heard that familiar catchphrase of the early 2000s: “There’s an app for that”. Well, that there might be, but key to an app’s success is your business’s ability to market it. Allied to this indisputable fact, is the second truth of eventual app success and that is apps need to be as simple as possible for maximum mobile consumer uptake. For the mobile marketer, apps are of interest because they are a good way of ensuring maximum market interest in a business and that interest can often easily and seamlessly be converted to buying behaviour. It’s worth investing in a business app. The latest study by Statista has predicted that mobile app downloads are going to reach almost 258 billion by 2022. It also indicates that there will be a 25% increase in the downloads from 2018 to 2022. However, apps are only successfully when consumers download them. In fact, apps are only successful when users actually use them – how many times have you downloaded an app and then simply left in lying around on your home screen with its icon looking very slick but very unused? With so many apps launched every day, a business needs to have a solid marketing strategy to make its name in the market. When marketing an app, one absolutely has to invest in positive user reviews and feedback. Without good reviews, it’s unlikely your app will get any traction. Next, brands can also build a microsite to market their apps. Microsites assist businesses in going beyond the app store by deploying SEO techniques for their app. Here we want to seamlessly direct the audience to the microsite landing page and encourage certain specific behaviour. Finally, social media is probably the biggest way of promoting your app. Posting eye-grabbing visuals is one of the best app promotion strategies for any business to implement. With current short attention spans, users want mobile products and services delivered quickly. Posting photos and videos with exciting colour combinations can hugely increase engagement. Good luck!

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