In-App is where it’s at for Millennials

Brands and agencies alike both know that mobile use has skyrocketed over the past several years. We know that our clients simply must incorporate mobile-friendly video content, ads, websites and more into our campaigns. However, for some late adopter clients, there is some selling of mobile still to do. Let’s take a look at a few facts and stats that will help make your mobile evangelising job a little easier. Clients need to know such illuminating factoids as 85% of time spent on Twitter and other social platforms, for example, is currently being spent on mobile. Also, over half of Internet usage now takes place on mobile. In fact, that was already the case in 2017. I’d hazard a guess that the percentage for Africa is much higher due to the continent lacking desktop web access. If that doesn’t swing your client the mobile way, bring in the big guns: can you believe that Millennials (ie: future big spenders) now spend more time looking at their mobile screens than they do looking at their TV screens? In fact, they watch more YouTube than traditional, live television. So besides being glued to YouTube, what is everyone doing on their mobile devices? Well, 89% of the time, according to one source, mobile users are interacting with downloaded apps. Also, just 11% of users’ mobile time is spent on mobile websites. And herein lies the (well-hidden!) point of this blog post: to sell effectively, mobile marketers need to invest time and resources into developing in-app strategies for their clients. Obviously, we all need a mobile web presence, but it’s apps that are really getting noticed by Millennials – and that’s where they are spending their mobile wallets

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