Four immediate easy mobile wins to implement right away!

As we race towards the end of what we hope has been another successful year for the mobile marketing industry, it is perhaps a good idea to take stock of a few mobile fundamentals. Mobile’s the order of the day, that’s for sure. How often do any of us view email messages on a desktop computer any more? If your client’s strategic marketing plan for 2019 does not take mobile devices into consideration, their brand will start trailing competitors significantly. The good news is there a plenty of highly-effective, yet cost-effective, mobile-related tactics that can be quickly employed to get clients on the right side of the mobile revolution. We’ve listed below some of the top mobile marketing best practices to consider before year-end. Get these implemented by 2019 and you can kick the mobile new year off with the best of them! Optimise your web presence for mobile display, first and foremost. It’s no good for that swanky and uber-creative designer to come up with some award-winning work that looks incredible on a huge desktop screen – your online presence needs to display more effectively, and less creatively, across a range of mobile screens. Brevity is crucial. With less cyber real estate on which to make your point, because screens are smaller, you need to come up with really punchy, hard-hitting web copy. Also bear in mind those millennials that are said to be reading less and less… Think local. Mobile devices with their ability to know locations have been a real boon for local businesses. More and more people are using their handheld devices to ask questions like “where is the closest atm” and “what time does Clicks close?”. Keep this in mind and make sure to include location-specific content. Finally, you need to plan for errors because typing on smaller screens can be challenging. Current and potential customers are likely to make plenty of errors when searching for your online mobile presence – take this into account, especially when register domain names. Be sure to include commonly-misspelled words relating to your business in your campaigns and know which relevant keywords are prone to typos.

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