Mobile marketers are used to facts and statistics. It’s been said that mobile marketing runs on stats and we’re inclined to agree – mobile marketing presentations, budgets, strategies and plans are always number-heavy, and it’s perhaps because our discipline is so wonderfully-measurable that statistics play such a huge role in what we do for our clients. So, when it comes to numbers, mobile marketers have seen and heard it all. Or have we? Once in a while, a truly interesting factoid pops up that really makes us sit up in amazement. Here’s one them: Gardner says that by 2020, 30 percent of all web searches will be done without the use of a screen. Excuse me? Yup, that really is one of these super interesting, rare facts seldom seen before. Of course, we are hinting at the growing phenomenon of voice search. According to HubSpot’s “Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2018” (, the number of voice queries increased 3,400 percent between 2008 and 2017. We wrote about the growing trend towards voice in the last installment of this blog and stats like these hammer home just how big Internet searches without having to use the mobile screen are going to be in the near future. To further illustrate: In 2015, 19 percent of people used Siri at least daily. In 2016, 20 percent of search queries on Google’s mobile app and on Android devices were voice searches. Even more significantly, two-thirds of people who use digital voice assistants, such as Google Home, use their smartphones less often. So while mobile marketers have been touting the rise of the smartphone, perhaps we need to start being a little more circumspect. Could the rise of voice-based, mobile digital assistants mean mobile users will be spending less time interacting with their smartphone screens? That looks like a potential threat that needs to be turned into an opportunity. It’s clear that campaigns will continue to be made or broken on the back of mobile performance, but it’s also clear that mobile campaigns will not necessarily always translate to screen-based campaigns in the future. Mobile marketers, start thinking outside the box – and the screen – next year.

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