Data Integration Key to Mobile Marketing Automation

No medium available to the marketer today offers a better degree of personalisation than mobile. It is the one platform that promises visibility on mobile devices that are never more than an arm’s length away from 80% of people. What’s more, practically everyone has one with mobile penetration rates having exceeded 100% several years ago. In South Africa, I believe we’re now at something over 1.3 devices for every human being in the country! Now that mobile marketing is firmly planted in the marketer’s consciousness, we’re hearing more and more about mobile marketing automation. This truly is next-level cellular marketing and to many of us conjures up images up bots cranking out billions of mobile messages, willy-nilly. Well, mobile marketing automation is not quite like that. Mobile marketing automation can help execute an effective mobile marketing strategy when contextual, personalised and interactive messages are delivered at the right moment. By delivering engaging content in an automated fashion through multiple channels such as messaging, push notifications and in-app notifications, mobile marketers can increase customer outreach across each targeted segment. So now how, exactly, do we get started with mobile marketing automation? Here are the most important considerations, that should ideally be discussed with a mobile specialist. Firstly, the would-be automator needs to decide what qualifiers are to be used for segmenting the mobile user base and then deciding what triggers or events would drive communications, eg: user location, spend, downloads, etc. Of course, specifics like the budget and what volume of messages are to be sent should also come into this planning phase. Data integration is another key step. Mobile marketing data needs to be integrated into your firm’s business systems. Ensure your firm, or your client, has an efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to help you collect customer data and track customer interactions. Finally, a mobile marketing automation system automates the task of gathering data from various platforms such as CRM, CDP, etc. to fuel your mobile marketing campaigns. Remember, the investment is well worth it: mobile marketing automation reduces human effort while empowering marketers to deliver engaging and personalised mobile marketing experiences.

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