As we look forward to another 12 months filled with mobile marketing excitement, let’s remind ourselves why mobile marketing’s share of budgets continues to increase, year after year. Mobile offers a degree of personalisation that cannot be matched by any other marketing discipline. On top of this, there’s that often-communicated additional benefit of unheard-of measurability. Mobile marketing is, for all intents and purposes, a creation of our modern, technology-focused age. So it stands to reason that it’s the one marketing discipline that outshines all others in metrics. With unparalleled personalisation and measurability complemented with the widest reach, it’s clear that developments in mobile happen thick and fast and 2019 will be no different. Apparently, there are about five happenings on the mobile marketing event horizon that are set to take place this mobile year. Let’s do a quick rundown: A fight for dominance in mobile video will take place as smartphones have become the dominant channel on which to watch video online. The stats tell us that so-called ‘video starts’ on mobile have crossed the 50% mark for the first time. Related to the point above, the road to success in 2019 will require ‘continuous experimentation’ with mobile video, apparently, as major brands continue to invest significantly in mobile video and start upping the game considerably when it comes to production quality and budgets. Social media as a sales tool, too, will really blossom in 2019 as social commerce catches on and smartphone users turn friends and family into rands and cents online. More social channels will open their platforms so that the commercialised social journey happens natively and more intuitively across platforms. Finally, what the mobile marketing space will also see more of in 2019 is budgets going directly to influencer marketing. No longer a niche, big brands now have some benchmarks from the early part of the influencer curve to work with.

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