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More than half of Brits now get their news via mobile

Now more than ever, consumers are trusting the mobile industry to deliver their daily news. That’s an awesome responsibility for mobile marketers as we essentially take our place next to established journalists with impressive credentials. In fact, what’s really amazing is to think that journalism has taken centuries to establish its trusted credentials and then an upstart two-decade old mobile technology comes along and is (almost) trusted to the same extent as the former. According to new research by video advertising firm Teads, just over half (51 per cent) of British adults prefer to read their news on a mobile device, with those aged 35 to 44 the most likely to consume online news. For a country practically synonymous with the newspaper-reading public, for at least the last two hundred years, that’s quite a milestone that’s almost gone unreported – go figure! The study also found that online also emerged as one of the most engaging mediums, with 60 per cent of global respondents saying they pay strong attention to online news, compared to 52 per cent who say the same for television news. Unfortunately, and here’s where we come back to credibility, Teads found that 26 percent of consumers believe news shared via social media is largely fake. We can thank Donald Trump for that, with his go-to position of ‘fake news’ every time he is confronted with a story he doesn’t like. The upside is that this research shows consumers are valuing and engaging with news more than ever. However, there is a challenge in that mobile marketers need to work with news sources to establish the credibility of our platforms. We can’t allow all news to be tarred with the same ‘fake news’ brush simply because it’s delivered via a social media platform.