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South Africa’s Mobile Heritage a Cause for Celebration

Heritage Month, or more specifically, Heritage Day on 24 September, is always a fantastic opportunity to pause and look back at some homegrown, South African mobile winners. Undoubtedly, two mobile products and services immediately spring to mind: prepaid cellular and Please Call Me. These two examples of outstanding cellular innovation developed right here South of the Limpopo can justly make us all proud to be South African. Future generations won’t just be able to refer to Pratley’s Putty and Ouma Rusks as examples of great South African products, they’ll also be able to proudly state that it was South Africa that perfected prepaid and introduced Please Call Me to the world. Prepaid is fantastic, and there continue to be some really amazing local apps developed, but I just love Please Call Me. It was based on such a simple concept and now an entire industry has been built around the text ads that can be tagged onto the end of these ‘out of airtime’ messages. You’ve got to be pretty creative to say it all in the few characters allowed in a text tag ad, and then there’s the online link that can now also be inserted. But what to link to? No mobile consulting firm has as much expertise related to making the best of Please Call Me campaigns as Imaginatrix. Not only did we help commercialise Please Call Me many years ago, our founder continues to advise the country’s biggest brands in the ins and outs of mobile campaigns built on this most South African of mobile services. Please Call Us.
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investment in Mobile Measurement for 25% Better Business Outcomes

Very often, we’ve stated on this blog that one of mobile marketing’s standout pluses is its inherent measurability. The mere fact that digital is digital means campaigns can be measured, tweaked, recorded, and so on. However, while we’ve stated measurability as a mobile benefit, we haven’t really looked at it as something to invest in its its own right. Now, Mobile Marketing Magazine reports that marketers who invest just 10 percent on measurement and analytics are three times as likely to exceed their growth plan by over well over 25%. Talk about an easy sell – put in 10% and get 25% back! Apparently, high performing mobile marketing outfits have 27% bigger internal staff complements dedicated to measurement and, overall, this leads to 7.5% better business growth outcomes versus firms that have middling measurement teams. This doesn’t really surprise us at Imaginatrix. After all, a big focus of mobile marketing campaigns is adjusting them for better performance. So it follows that any investment in more resources aimed at knowing exactly how to better tweak campaigns will deliver pretty good mobile returns. Aside from more staff resources, sophisticated measurability models are increasingly important because they connect the dots across data sources and go deeper into the granular data to find insights about how and where to improve campaigns. We can help your brand develop the right feedback models for mobile campaigns that will vastly improve business outcomes. Please get in touch!