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New DIData Report Confirms Mobility is Big Within the SA Enterprise

MyBroadband reports this week that Dimension Data has released its latest digital workplace report. This highlights which technologies South African companies are currently developing and working with. These details are not terribly interesting, but what is interesting is the fact that certain keywords appear in the eagerly-anticipated report that mobile marketers will love. Think of ‘consumerism’, ‘digital transformation’ and ‘Internet of Things’. These are all terms that we have written about before and which has clear (positive) implications for mobile marketing. So let’s get into the nitty gritty of this fabulous report that appears to bode so well for the future of mobile marketing in South Africa. Firstly, and according to myBroadband, mobility reigns king across corporate SA. “Mobility [is] still the most important area for supporting broader digital workplace initiatives.” Then we move onto the pleasant fact that some “27% of organisations surveyed said that embracing multiple-device-ownership models (BYOD, COPE, company-liable) is the most important technology trend, and 89% identify mobile devices and business applications as being technologies that support business process improvement.” Even video communication – again, plenty mobile marketing applications for this one – came in for multiple mentions. Some 21% of organisations, over one in five, wanted to make video more pervasive. This is great news because most consumers are first exposed to new technologies within their employers which then make an appearance in their lives as mobile consumers. As marketers, we can condense this entire landmark annual report down to this: “Mobile specifically, and technology in general, continues to be huge where people work.” This is great for the mobile economy and good for mobile marketing!
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Small Mobile Tweaks can have Big ROI Returns

It’s all about conversion rates, isn’t it? We’ve said previously that mobile marketing runs on statistics and one statistic that’s really important to mobile is conversion rate. Mobile marketers are necessarily obsessed with that magical number that tells them what percentage of consumers who made that initial contact actually became customers at the end of the engagement. Well, great news for the likes of us is that mobile-based conversion rates are up 64% compared to consumers who started their engagement with brands from desktop computers. This is according to that bible of commerce, Forbes Magazine. Further good news, according to me, is that one can dramatically increase mobile conversion rates even further by making a few simple tweaks to the mobile marketing strategy. Here are three ways to increase mobile return on investment (ROI):
  1. Provide Context: Apparently, mobile users are far more likely to be very specific about their searches compared to desktop users who are more likely to enter generic search terms. Think ‘car’ versus ‘Landcruiser’. With Google now bringing up search results based on user intent, it’s becoming vital to add context in mobile marketing.
  1. Mobile Friendly is First: Google is also using mobile bots to crawl sites for mobile friendliness. This makes it imperative to design websites that are as easy to navigate on mobile as they are on desktop. We have pushed this before but the fact that Google’s taking mobile friendliness so seriously might be wake-up news to some!
  1. Paid Traffic is Not Always Better: You need to also check how your paid traffic conversion rates stack up against the ROI for your unpaid traffic. And then tweak accordingly. It’s not always true that paying for traffic results in the best returns.
There you have it! These three tweaks can have huge returns for the mobile marketer.