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Winning Mobile App Users Means Winning in Mobile Search First

Remember “there’s an app for that”? That catchy little phrase embodied the growing ubiquitousness of mobile around the time of the 2010 Soccer World Cup. The iPhone was huge and the apps that made it so awesome were catching on in a big way. We don’t hear the phrase much anymore and that’s simply because apps have gone mainstream. In the same way you wouldn’t hear an urban hipster raving about the awesomeness of electricity, it might seem a little off-point for us urbanites to wax lyrical about apps – you’d be waxing to the converted and sounding just a little silly. In those app early days, life used to be so simple for the mobile marketer. You built it, you released it, a ton of publicity would follow, and the rands and cents would roll in by the bucket load. In those heady days, releasing your app into the single, flagship app store and a quick and easy viral campaign would be all that was required to coin it. People still viewed apps as much-have novelty items and every release resulted in a gazillion downloads. All of us were amazed at the utility of apps and this possibly explains why we flocked to download such utterly useless apps as iPad measuring tapes and maps of the night sky. Today, things look a little different, and boy do you have to flog that app to make it fly (out the app store door)! Here’s the inherent challenge for mobile marketers and their clients keen on developing apps: According to research from Urban Airship, only five per cent of people who download an app will still be using it 90 days after they open it for the first time.   So how do you get your app downloaded by the right people who will then actually open it and keep it for long term use?   According to Mick Rigby, CEO of Yodel Mobile, search is becoming increasingly important to drive app downloads. App indexing is becoming essential for app discovery via search through Chrome and Safari,” he says. You need to ask your mobile marketing specialist about app packs and app indexing to get this one right. Lots of marketers are missing out on the opportunity of app discovery by consumers through mobile handset search. The final word belongs to one Simon Baptist, director of business development at Tune. He says: “To win mobile users you have to win in search first.” Now if only there was an app that that!
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Mobile’s the Best Job in the World

In 2009, an advert for what was billed as ‘the best job in the world’ went viral. The advertised job was for the position of caretaker on Australia’s subtropical Hamilton Island for six months. An interview with the successful applicant, Ben Southall, earlier this year revealed that jellyfish stings and loneliness featured strongly in the ‘best job in the world’. This had me thinking that what makes the best job in the world really depends on who’s filling that job. Mr Southall clearly enjoyed solitude and sea animals. Many of us are corporate types through and through. While we no doubt enjoy passive observation on our off days, mobile marketers are active builders and creators by nature. Forget squandering one’s life on a windy island, mobile marketing is a fantastic line to be in because it runs on desktop technology. This means campaign conception, execution and reporting can take place from anywhere in the world with a web connection – including a windy island! Here’s what to ask your mobile marketing provider if you truly want to keep your finger on the button from home, office, island or game farm: While you know social media and mobile marketing go together like hand in glove, do you know if your mobile specialist allows you to save the most time by enabling batch scheduling of social posts ahead of time? Not only does this save minutes and seconds, curating and composing all in one go, and then spreading these updates out across several days means you can always stay ahead of the competition. A mobile marketing partner that offers website optimization services will ensure your primary web presence is always highly accessible across different mobile devices, from tablets to handsets, which is the way most of the globe browses. There are plenty of stock-in-trade tweaks an experienced specialist can implement for you here. However, this needs to be combined with effective reporting tools you can access yourself, at any time. If you’re curious about how your visitors are actually using your website (eg: where they click and how far they scroll), your mobile consultant should provide you with tools that can show you exactly what your visitors are doing, eg: via heatmaps, clickmaps, scrollmaps.