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Taking Note of Mobile Music & Other Unlimited Offerings

As we cruise towards the unofficial December holidays start date of the second week of December, no doubt many parents across the length and breadth of the country are tallying up the cost of entertaining the kids for several long weeks. In a previous blog post we made the statement that “Vodacom’s all-you-can-eat deals offer the best value digital entertainment” and observed that it costs a small fortune to entertain anyone these days. The price of a traditional movie is up to R71 for some shows – and that’s without the popcorn and Coke bells and whistles. While parents, in particular, have traditionally scorned digital entertainment, believing it to somehow be unhealthy, my view is that annual family-orientated events like the upcoming Festive Season really are times when mobile entertainment comes into its own. Mobile technology in the form of all-you-can-eat music and other entertainment deals is stepping in to bring relief to cash-strapped consumers at an expensive time of year. For example, Vodacom’s recently-launched all-you-can-eat gaming service costs a mere R1 a day, with the first day free! It’s also free to browse. Another service that free to browse is Vodacom’s music offering of a whopping three million titles. The cost of this is well under what you’d pay overseas for a similar service – from just R5 per day. With all of this entertainment on offer at very reasonable prices, local mobile users in search of quality digital entertainment are spoilt for choice and that’s not something that South African consumers often experience.