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Mobile Reaches More Consumers, More Often

New technologies, legislation and codes of practice are seemingly making it more difficult for marketers to reach consumers on a one-to-one basis. This is clear from news this week that Samsung’s soon to be released Galaxy S7 will have software built in to identify numbers that aren’t in the phone’s address book. In addition, a cursory look at email users’ junk folders will reveal that spam email filters appear to work pretty well these days. Mobile marketing remains the exception – it’s one of the few marketing disciplines that can offer brands practically unfettered and undiluted access to millions of individual consumers. There are no random gatekeepers in mobile marketing, no spam blocking programmes, for example. Of course, there is legislation and the WASPA code of conduct, but stay on the right side of the law and conduct your business in a responsible manner with due respect for the consumer, and you’ll have no problem reaching millions of them in a very affordable way. Here’s why mobile marketing promises the best reach: 1. Consumers’ love affair with mobile continues and they enjoy utilising their devices and receiving personalised commercial offers and promotions on them. 2. The highly personalised nature of the commercial communication possible on mobile devices mean there is every chance your brand’s message will reach its intended recipient. 3. Much mobile marketing communication in SA is transmitted by other consumers and doesn’t come direct from the brand. Think of Please Call Me text tags. 4. Mobile marketing can introduce a fun element that’s missing from traditional marketing channels. Think of the trend towards gamification. 5. Finally, the fact that mobile marketing is often the ‘closer’ in a wider marketing effort means those initial hurdles of contact and reach have already been overcome.

Watch Out For A Monetized WhatsApp in 2016

One of the great advantages about doing business with specialist marketing consultants is the fact that one don’t have to keep up to date with every aspect of a certain sector. Keeping tabs on the latest technologies and the most up to date news in mobile marketing is all handled for the brand by dedicated outsourced mobile marketers.   For example, few business people would even know that some fairly important mobile marketing-related milestones have recently taken place. Your mobile marketing consultant would be able to digest this news, select what’s important and apply it to your mobile campaign for best effect.   Let’s see what happened. This very week, Google’s parent company eclipsed Apple “as the “most valuable company in the world.” This is the first time that Google has been more valuable than Apple since 2010. What’s important for mobile marketing clients is that this development has – according to Google – been driven by “mobile search as well as YouTube and programmatic advertising”. If mobile search, for example, can help a company grow bigger than Apple, well then that’s something brands need to invest in and Imaginatrix can show you how.   Also this week, WhatsApp passed the one billion monthly active users mark. It’s the most popular of the new wave of over-the-top messaging apps that have been garnering so much attention in the South African media these past two weeks. According to the company, it now sees 42bn messages, 1.6bn photos and 250m videos shared daily over the app, and 1bn chat groups have been established using the service. What’s significant here is that owner Facebook has previously said it wouldn’t consider monetising the app until it reaches the R1bn mark. Well, now that’s happened, mobile marketers can surely look forward to some interesting developments and opportunities this year.

Mobile Vouchers a Hit with Hard-Pressed Consumers

There are many theories about marketing in general and mobile marketing in particular but one could say that there is usually only one ultimate objective and that’s to get consumers to interact with brands. This interaction can take many forms with mobile vouchers one of the most impressive when it comes to direct return on investment (ROI). When we refer to mobile vouchers we are speaking about electronic coupons and such like that can be redeemed on or received via mobile phones. Voucher Codes, Daily Deals, FMCG Coupons and more all form part of the realm of mobile discounts that are used to encourage consumers to interact with brands. When it comes to mobile discounts and value based offers, a clear leader must surely be and its local operator. The company’s heritage is as a publisher of substantial, print-based voucher books that most of us would be familiar with. This means that it can deliver value to brands in its current incarnation as it already had a relationship with consumers, by converting them into mobile customers. Built on the premise of Fun, Food and Fashion the service in South Africa has grown tremendously and looks set to become the mobile platform of choice for voucher based offers. Offers are available through their app and USSD service, which is most definitely showing itself to brands as a viable proposition. Mobile discounts are very well-received by consumers in the current economic environment because, in most cases, mobile vouchers mean real rands and cents back in our pockets. So with over 4 million consumers engaging the platform, and with adding over 2500 new consumers per week, it is a space worth investigating if you are a retail brand.